Tuesday, 22 Jul 2014
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On Georgia's execution
of Troy Smith, from
`Zepp' on Medialine.com

 “Witnesses were coerced to
lie under oath and admitted
so after the trial.

“The evidence submitted was
not proof linking the accused
to the crime but circumstantial
evidence to show it was

“Appeals for clemency and
commuting his sentence to life
fell on deaf ears, never mind
that they came from US senators,
current and former, or even
the Pope himself.

“The execution sends a … really
clear message to the people of
Georgia. It tells them that they
have no hope of a fair trial
in that state. It tells them that
they cannot trust their officers
of the law to actually serve
and protect.

“I hope some day there is a serious
revolution in Georgia. You would
think that the Civil War would have
convinced the thugocrats who run
the state that their ways were evil
and the Creator disapproves.

"If this revolution never comes, 
 fear that the state of Georgia
will grow to look more and more 
 like the Soviet Socialist
Republic of Georgia, birthplace
of monsters like Josef Stalin.

"How many innocents did
Stalin kill? We may never
know, but the state of
Georgia is struggling to
keep up."


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    A News Item


    Letter Writer: Kansas Woman Among Those Who Want to "Purify" Republican Party | Print |
    Written by Tyler, Hutchinson   
    Nov 25, 2009 at 08:56 AM

     HUTCHINSON -- To the Editor: Given your recent blog, I thought your readers might be interested in this story from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.Tyler

    It’s about a plan by the Republican National Conservative Caucus (Kansas is represented by Topeka audiologist Helen Van Etten) to punish Republican candidates who fail to live up to the group‘s conservative ideals by withholding campaign funds.

    It ought to cut the party‘s base in half if it is adopted

    Here‘s a couple of ver batin paragraphs from the article. It also lists the 10 issues at the end.


    To read the WSJ article, clck here

    “.Conservative Republican Party activists want to withhold money from GOP candidates who stray too far from party orthodoxy.

    Ten Republican National Committee members are distributing a plan to impose a purity test – calling for money to be withheld from anyone who disagrees with conservative principles on more than two of 10 core issues.

    Among the required stances: oppose President Barack Obama’s health care and cap-and-trade proposals as well as his stimulus plan; reject government funding for abortion; vote “no” on legislation to help unions organize; and support keeping the Defense of Marriage Act.”



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    Moran Needs to Talk With `Everyday folks' | Print |
    Written by Guest, Hutchinson   
    Nov 24, 2009 at 04:24 AM

    HUTCHINSON -- To the Editor:

    Could somebody, please, get Moran to stop sneaking in and out of town. He knows that there are plenty of us that want to have a pow-wow with him.

    His voting with Pelosi on SCHIP, his friendship with huge pharma, insurance, and hospital groups … ALL of this should be open for discussion.

    Why is he so determined to NOT talk with everyday folks?


    He's taking no chances on talking with REAL conservatives.  Because he is not one. I'm not sure what he is, but conservative he AIN'T!



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